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Print Media

According to the Press Council Report, a total 1536 newspapers were registered with the District Administration Offices throughout the country by the end of the fiscal year 2000 as a daily, semi weekly, weekly and fortnightly newspapers. The registered newspapers are 219 (daily), 10(semi-weekly), 1088 (weekly) and 219 (fortnightly) representing various political ideologies, languages, societies, communities, ethnicity, themes, cultures, identities and human interest. Among them, 18 daily, 94 weekly and 26 fortnightly were registered in the year 2000 only.

The report said most of the newspapers are published from Kathmandu and target the urban people. The Press Council report said there are a total of 242 newspapers as a daily, weekly, semi-weekly and fortnightly being published from the eastern region, 1065 as a daily, weekly, half-weekly and fortnightly from central region, 135 as a daily, weekly, semi-weekly and fortnightly from western region, 60 as a daily, weekly, semi-weekly and fortnightly from mid-western region and 22 as a daily, weekly and semi-weekly from Far Western region.

Despite the increasing number of newspapers, there are still 22 districts, where not a single newspaper is registered. With growing number, there are few newspapers, which are easily and timely available on a nationwide basis. Mostly newspapers are available during the afternoon outside Kathmandu and have to be transported by the plane and bus. The Kantipur Publications has started publication of its eastern edition from Biratanagar beginning April 14, 2001. Similarly, the Nepal Samacharpatra has also started publication of its eastern edition from April 14, 2001.


List of some Nepalese Newspapers and Magazines


The Kathmandu Post [English]

The Rising Nepal [English]
Space Time Today [English]
Space Time Dainik [Nepali]
The Himalayan Times [English]
Kantipur [Nepali]
Gorkhapatra [Nepali]
Samacharpatra [Nepali]
Mahanagar [Nepali]

Independent (English)

Nepal Times (Nepali)
Telegraph (Wednesday)
Sunday Post (Sunday)
People's Review
Deshantar (Sunday)
Dristi (Tuesday)
Punarjagarn (Tuesday)
Jana Astha (Wednesday)
Jahadharana (Thursday)
Bimarsha (Friday)
Saptahik (Friday)
Koseli (Saturday)
Gatibidhi (Saturday)
Asan Bazar
Ghatana ra Bichar
Sandhya Times

Himal Khabar Patrika (Nepali)

Nepali Times (English)
Nepal (Nepali)

Mulyankan Masik (Nepali)

Apsara (Nepali)
Kamana (Nepali)
Madhuparka (Nepali)
Muna (Nepali)
Sadhana (Nepali)
Yuwamanch (Nepali)
On Time
Himal South Asian (English)
People's Review
Nepal Traveller
New Business Age
Business Age
Wave (English)
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